The Back Door Wine Cellar  1-877-342-6004    Your Cottage Vintners & Craft Brewing Specialists    The Back Door Wine Cellar 1-877-342-6004   Your Cottage Vintners & Craft Brewing Specialists    The Back Door Wine Cellar 1-877-342-6004     Your Cottage Vintners & Craft Brewing Specialists   The Back Door Wine Cellar 1-877-342-6004  Your Cottage Vintners & Craft Brewing Specialists

We are located in Invermere BC, in the Columbia Valley between Radium & Fairmont Hotsprings.  Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

We guarantee every batch of wine and beer

In 1994 we had an idea that blossomed into thousands of litres of wine and hundreds of customers, some coming as far as the United States.  Our success comes from using premium wine kits and filtered water.  As well as our constant attention to the end product.

We are exclusive to Vineco products.  Located in Ontario, Canada.  For more information about Vineco please visit them online at

To begin your very own batch of wine you need to come and see us to begin the fermentation process.  British Columbia law requires that you participate in the brewing and bottling process.

This is done by you selecting your favorite wine, "throwing the yeast" and then adding the required amount of water according to the size of kit that you have chosen.  That is the end of your responsibility until bottling and labeling time.

Approximately six weeks later you return to bottle the finished product. You will need at least 30 bottles per batch. Don't have bottles, we do.   After bottling you have the choice of shrink wrapping, labeling, or leaving your bottles plain and corked.

All kits include corks & shrinkwraps

We added BEER in 2013.  There are 8 flavors.  A batch of BEER is 23 litres, that is 72 - 355ml bottles.  Beer only takes 2 weeks to make and is ready to drink within 4.  Of course, if you leave it longer it gets better.  As with the wine you need to come into the shop and begin the fermentation process; by "pitching your yeast".

WE GUARANTEE EVERY BATCH  because we use the finest of ingredients and filter our water.